Did you know that your oral health can be directly related to those nagging headaches you have been experiencing? They can! Many headaches are caused by problems that only your dentist can treat (or even notice).

Even just simple cavities or infections can trigger headache pain. However, the headaches that are usually associated with dental problems are tension headaches. These headaches are caused by muscle strain that can build up in the mouth and jaw. When a headache starts with the teeth and the mouth, it is typically a dull pain that is felt on one or both sides of the head. It can even be felt all around the head.

Some people will also experience teeth grinding at night, clicking in the jaw joints or sore muscles when they wake up in the morning. Here are a few reasons why your headache might be related to your oral health.

A bad bite

One of the main culprits might be a bad bite. When the chewing surfaces of your teeth do not meet together properly when the jaws are shut, it can cause further complications. Whether it is from missing teeth or a misaligned jaw, the pain can be difficult to deal with.

When your bite is off, even by just a little bit, the muscles have to work harder to chew food or even talk. As a result, the muscles can become strained. Our jaws rarely get rest, which causes the strain to become constant and eventually causing pain.

This pain can be felt in your teeth or jaw. It can even radiate to other sites in your head. The trigeminal nerve, which controls sensation in the face and functions like biting and chewing, is often the cause of this pain.

Pain can spread to other body parts

Even though the problem might have started in your mouth, you may feel pain in your head, such as behind your eyes, in the temples or the forehead. When the muscles in your mouth or head clench, your neck muscles may also contract and may become overworked and painful.

Headache pain can come from grinding your teeth at night. When this happens, it overworks your jaw muscles. It can also be a cause of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). These are problems associated with the jaw joint, called TMJ, and are signaled by popping or clicking in the jaw.

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