Do you or a loved one snore? Have you found that you are constantly tired no matter how much sleep you get? You’re not alone. Luckily, Dr. Patel’s educational book, “Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, the Cure Doesn’t Have To,” is now available for purchase so you can find all your answers. There is a solution, and it doesn’t have to be a loud machine that sits next to your bed.

Where Do I Purchase the Book?

If you are interested in taking your sleep back into your own hands, purchasing this book will be beneficial to you or a loved one. To purchase “Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, The Cure Doesn’t Have To,” you can visit The book is available for purchase as an ebook or in hardcopy—choose the book option that best meets your individual needs.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Dillard created this educational book with your best interests in mind. By purchasing this book, Dr. Patel hopes that you or your loved one can take control of your sleep and your life so that you can live healthy and happy without further complications.

Take a stand against snoring and sleep apnea with the purchase of “Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, the Cure Doesn’t Have To.”