There is a lot going on in the world around us. While we are in the middle of a pandemic, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your headache or migraine. It is important to understand why you are waking up with a headache so that you can either prevent it or find a solution. To help, we have compiled five reasons why you may be waking up with a headache or migraine. 

You may suffer from insomnia

If you have a sleep disorder like insomnia or sleep apnea, you are actually two to eight times more likely to develop a morning headache. One way to overcome insomnia is to follow proper sleep hygiene practices. Those can include maintaining a consistent sleep-wake routine, sleeping in a cool and dark room, and limiting time on your phone or watching TV. 

Depression or anxiety are the culprit

A risk factor for insomnia is depression. To add to that, if you have anxiety, you may have trouble putting your mind at ease at nighttime. Instead, thoughts constantly twirl around in your head, causing you to stay awake for hours at a time. Both depression and anxiety can cause poor sleep, leading to morning headaches. If you suffer from untreated depression or anxiety, that may be a sign that you should seek treatment.

Sleep apnea disrupts rest

Does your bed partner snore? Do they say that you snore? Either way, sleep apnea is often characterized by multiple arousals and awakenings through the night. This can impair your ability to get into that deep sleep, which allows you a more restful sleep. If you suffer from sleep apnea, morning headaches are actually a defining symptom. It is vital that you seek treatment for sleep apnea before it leads to further complications such as cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

The wrong sleeping position

That’s right! If you are sleeping in a certain position, it can increase your chances of developing a morning headache. When you sleep on your back, it can encourage snoring, which can lead to headaches. Instead of laying on your back, try rolling over to your side. This will allow you to have a better night’s rest without that snoring.

Teeth grinding and clenching

Another reason why you are waking up with a headache is that you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night. That repeat pressure and strain from clenching and grinding leads to that painful morning headache you are trying to avoid. The more you grind your teeth, the more you wake up with headaches. Stress is a big reason why this might happen.

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