There are many signs that can indicate a child is being bullied, but did you know it can lead to teeth grinding? It can. Recent research indicates that 160,000 children skip school because they are afraid of being bullied by other students. One unnoticable sign of being bullied is teeth grinding.

A teeth grinding link

Experts were shocked at learning how many people suffer from teeth grinding, or bruxism, that are bullied at school. Teeth grinding can cause damage or worn-down teeth. It can even lead to interrupted sleep. Not only can teeth grinding cause harm to a child or teenager’s health, it can also show an important image wherein their mental state is not sound and can also help parents identify signs of bullying early on.

Other than sleep interruptions, bruxism can cause degradation of the dental health of a person since it can lead to worn teeth and sensitivity or pain in the face and jaw. However, most cases can be noticed early on when the person has flat areas of teeth and frayed edges. Why? Because grinding is 40 times more powerful than chewing or mastication, causing teeth to start to become very thin. It can also lead to headaches and sore jaws upon waking.

Stopping teeth grinding

With the availability of a guard or splint, teeth grinding can be managed. This can be especially helpful if you grind your teeth at nighttime. Additionally, avoiding irritating foods and drinks such as alcohol or sodas, quitting smoking and stress management can help improve the problem. For children it is important to seek a proper assessment to check for bullying. If this is the case, then proper counseling should be offered to address the situation.

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