Sleep apnea is a nuisance no matter what age you are. But young adults in particular experience more pain than older generations when it comes to sleep apnea. In fact, a study reported that young adults experience more chronic pain than other ages. Let’s take a closer look at sleep apnea and pain.

What we know

A cross-sectional study that was published last year, looked at young veterans with sleep apnea and if they experienced pain too. The results confirmed the statement that young adults experience more sleep apnea-related pain. 

Of the 858,226 adults that were examined, 10.6% had a diagnosis of sleep apnea, and 27.8% of those individuals reported moderate/severe pain for the 12 month analysis. This study proves the need for a more detailed examination of sleep apnea in young adults and the pain that comes with it. 

What this means for young adults

After conducting this study, researchers realize the importance of future experiments with young adults and OSA. The chronic pain and discomfort is not something that should go unnoticed. This is a group of people who deserve some relief and answers.

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