According to Dentistry IQ there is a new definition of oral health and it’s about time! Over the last few decades dentistry has continually advanced to cover a variety of services. And, from those services, dentists not only help improve your oral health, but your overall health as well. According to Dentistry IQ, more than 200 national dental associations have adopted the new definition.

The New Definition

Oral health has long been defined as the absence of disease. However, authors of the JADA editorial explain a new definition was needed to expand on oral health’s many facets. Oral health includes the condition of the gum, supporting bones around the teeth and the soft tissue, which includes the tongue, cheek and palate. Now, when you visit the dentist, your examination will always include areas of the mouth as well as your teeth.

Many dentists will now do a complete assessment of the head and neck, including all the teeth and soft tissue, as well as an extraoral exam of the jaws and lymph nodes. As needed, x-rays will be taken to further explore the areas seen in the teeth and jaws. At your next visit, pay attention to the other areas observed.

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