A textbook that a few of us have worked on has finally been published and we could not be happier with how this has turned out. The textbook is, “Dental Sleep Medicine: A Clinical Guide” and it can be purchased in full or per chapter online.

Here is a summary of the textbook

This textbook was designed to help dentists better understand the various aspects of dental sleep medicine. It also can be used as an aid to recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders in their patients. Additionally, we discuss the potential negative impact of a sleep disorder on oral and systemic health while also showing how to collaborate with others in order to implement appropriate patient management. 

In the first part of the textbook, the focus is on the scientific background of sleep medicine in connection to dentistry, covering the physiology of sleep, classifications of sleep disorders, their diagnosis as well as medical and dental comorbidities. Then, for the second part of the book, we will discuss clinical applications like CPAP therapy, oral appliance therapy, surgical procedures and adjunct therapies. 

Lastly, the future of dental sleep medicine is discussed for dentists to better understand not only what to expect now, but later on as well. Each chapter is written by specialized researchers and clinicians in the field, which helps to make the book a useful guide for dental clinicians around the world. It was an honor and privilege being able to work with so many exceptional researchers and clinicians in the field. We hope you will find this textbook on dental sleep medicine educational and a great guide to helping expand your dental practice.