When you’re stressed it can often cause tension in other parts of your body. As a result you can feel stiff, sore and restless. It can even lead to a splitting headache, which can often be hard to get rid of. But don’t hide in a dark place and ignore the world. Sometimes all you need is a simple stress to find relief from your stress headache. Here are a few stretches that might help eliminate your stress headache.

Behind-the-Back Stretch

This stretch is simple. Reach your arms behind your back and grasp your hands together as you lean forward. While you are performing this stretch you might hear and feel a couple of cracks in your upper back–don’t worry, this is a good thing.

By completing this stretch you are opening up your upper body while also stopping tension headaches right in their tracks. Perform this either standing up or sitting down in a chair that comes halfway up your back. Remember to take it slow and never stretch past your shoulders’ natural limitations.

Chin Tuck Stretch

This is another easy stretch that you can even do sitting at your desk at work! The chin tuck can help release a tight neck and get rid of oncoming tension headaches. Make sure you are breathing mindfully and deeply while performing this stretch. Pay attention to each sensation that it brings to the back of your neck, close your eyes and pay attention to the pressure drifting away.

Neck Rotations

Rotate your neck in a circular motion. It might seem super simple, but it’s the little things that go a long way with relieving stress headaches. Make sure you are taking slow rotations. Pay attention to how each roll gives you a different sensation in your head and neck as well. Repeat this stretch as many times as you need to eliminate your pain. This is also a stretch you can perform at your desk or sitting on the train!

Shoulder Rolls

Another easy stretch to complete is shoulder rolls. Bring your shoulders up to your ears and then slowly release them. Allow your entire upper body to loosen up and shed any lingering tension you might be holding onto. Whether you are sitting at work, standing on the train or in the comfort of your home, this stretch is easy to do and provides you with the relief you need to relax, pain free.

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