Since the pandemic began, many people have shifted toward healthier lives. We have learned new ways to exercise and we seem to have found interest in how to cook healthy meals at home. However, while what you eat can help you lose weight and feel healthy, it can also help with your migraines, jaw pain and other orofacial pain conditions. Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

Cocoa for heart health

It is interesting, but seems to work. People who consumed a lot of dark chocolate, or cocoa, has lower rates of cardiovascular disease, according to research from the Missouri State University. There are ingredients in cocoa that help to reduce inflammation. For example, one compound is abundant in aloe vera, which shows that people can incorporate food into their diet to help block inflammation and pain signaling that is often involved in the pathology of a migraine. 

Prevent migraines with chicken broth

I know, this sounds interesting to you. It was for me too. Research out of the Missouri State University also found that using chicken broth can help with blocking pain signals. This is because it changes the bacteria in our gut to favor bacteria that produce and send molecules to the rest of the body to help reduce inflammation, quiet the nervous system and block pain.

Choose natural products

Plant-based products also have the ability to block proteins involved in pain signals. In fact, several extracts from plants contain protective compounds to shield your nervous system from inflammation and pain. What a relief! Not only do plant-based diets improve your health and help you lose weight, they also reduce pain!

In fact, grape seed extract is one of the most powerful natural products. It can block pain signals by operating similarly to morphine. Now that is interesting! 

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