Spring is right around the corner, which means in with the new and out with the old. Just like New Year’s resolutions, many people might be contemplating what they need to do in their life to become healthier. A lot of times this will mean getting fit. However, when your sleep is disrupted, it can take a toll on your motivation and your weight loss.

Exercise Regularly

As you know, exercise is good for your body and health, but properly timed exercise is necessary to maximize the beneficial effects. For instance, a good workout can make you more alert, speed up your metabolism and energize you for the day ahead. However, exercising before bed can lead to a poor night’s sleep.  It is recommended that you exercise at least three hours before bedtime with the best time being late afternoon. Properly planning your exercises is beneficially to your sleep patterns, as well as your weight loss, which is proven to affect sleep apnea.

Get Better Sleep

With treatment of sleep apnea, you can potentially improve your sleep so that you can get a better night’s sleep—leaving you feeling better than before. While the exact mechanisms of how sleep works, rejuvenates the body and mind is still mysterious, one thing that we do know is that adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning. Research shows all mammals need sleep, that sleep regulates mood, and it is related to learning and memory functions. Not only will getting enough sleep help you perform on a test, learn a new skill or help you stay on task, it may also play a critical role in your health, weight and energy level.

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