standard-title Treating Headaches

Treating Headaches

Many times, medications might be required to help combat headaches and migraines. However, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) might actually be the reason for headaches. When TMD plays a role in headaches, medications are probably not working as well as they should—if at all. To help relieve headache pain caused by TMD a proper treatment plan will need to be created.

Headaches and TMD directly related to each other and greatly increase the risk for episodic migraine and episodic tension-type headaches—this is especially true for chronic migraines.

For this reason, a close interaction between neurologists and dentists is strongly recommended when evaluating and managing patients suffering from facial pain and primary headaches.

In order to alleviate the causal factors of headaches, it is important to reduce the number of risk factors present. This may include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Drinking less or eliminating alcohol altogether
  • Increasing exercise
  • Weight loss
  • Improving posture at a desk, in a car or other long-held positions

A chronic headache sufferer might also benefit from getting more sleep or reducing lifestyle stressors that may trigger headaches.


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